All services are 100% free of charge. Confidentiality and privacy are a priority.


Our services are scalable to meet the needs of clients, including owners of private residences, business locations or curators of historical sites. We offer services from phone or electronic consulting, in-person meetings, and on-premise walkthroughs or investigations. An initial over the phone interview is used to determine which types of services are most appropriate for our clients, and can be expanded throughout the case investigation. Our team of trained investigators are ready to assist with unexplained paranormal phenomena including but not limited to disembodied voices, moving objects, shadows, apparitions, and physical altercation. 


Our investigations are conducted utilizing advanced technologies and scientific principles to identify real world solutions to paranormal phenomena. Partial list of equipment includes:

  • Digital Video Recording 
  • Studio Quality Audio Recording Equipment
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Detection (AC & DC)
  • Temperature Data Loggers
  • Full Spectrum Photography
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Faraday Cages




Check out the video clips below for some examples of footage recorded during previous private residence investigations.

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Consulting & Investigations


We are the premier paranormal investigation team in the Mid-Atlantic region. By utilizing advaced technologies and scientific principles, we identify real world solutions to paranormal phenomena. Our work is tailored to the needs of our clients and all services are 100% free of charge. 


Spiritus was co-founded by Don and Chris in 2007. After both had spent time together dedicated to case investigations under the TAPS family umbrella, they decided to start their own team because of their mutual desire to create a paranormal consulting group built around the principles they felt were most important. These principles focus on the needs of the client, primarily the idea of a scalable service structure that takes pressure off the client to jump into a full-scale investigation. Spiritus provides consultations, information and guidance, research data, and investigations to the client. Each case is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and desires in order to resolve their issues at their level of comfort. Furthermore, Spiritus will not turn away clients based on preconceived notions of the types of beliefs or personalities others may hold; all clients are treated equally when responding to inquiries and scheduling consultations. 


The team includes individuals from a diverse series of skillsets, education and beliefs to cover the many areas involved in the consultation and overall process. Additionally, by applying advanced technologies and scientific principles, the team identifies real world solutions to paranormal phenomenon. A specific area of expertise is Spiritus’ work in electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). As acoustical footage has repetitively yielded anomalies, Spiritus works to advance the techniques handled for recording EVP; resulting in a proprietary process that increases the possibility of recording an anomaly while reducing possible causes of false positives. The team is also responsible for identifying new paranormal investigative techniques and equipment outside of the common types used by the rest of the paranormal community. 


Finally, the Spiritus mission centers around supporting clients long-term until the client feels comfortable in their own environment or satisfied by answers discovered throughout the investigation process. With our multi-phased scalable approach, our team is different from other groups whose goal is to provide single investigations that are more fulfilling to the team conducting the investigation other than the person (or client) in need. Spiritus has created lasting partnerships with their clients and continue to support them as long as they require.

  • Laser Grid Projection
  • Radio Frequency Counters
  • Theremin
  • Geiger Counters
  • Infrasound Monitors





This photo is from a private tour and investigation provided by our friends at ESP. Built in 1829, with an innovative wagon wheel design, ESP provides investigators with unique challenges for setting up an investigation over its 11 acres. Check back for additional video content from this investigation.